Our Crickets

Acheta Domesticus:  The original food and bait cricket.  These crickets are tasty and nutritious, without the aggression seen with other cricket breeds.  Our crickets are hardy, they don’t bite and they don’t transmit any diseases.

Acheta Domesticus  (or house cricket) has been commercially produced in the United Statesfor the last 50 years.

Reptile feeding:  This cricket is chosen as the ideal cricket for feeding pets.  It has the perfect nutritional content and a proven non aggressive temperament for handling and reptile feeding. The Acheta domesticus remains lively when introduced to the reptile cage which results in the desired feeding response.

Fishing:  These crickets have been used successfully by fishermen… pretty much forever.

We sell all sizes from pinhead to adult in quantities as small as 250 crickets and ship all over the United States.